Rained Out

We were planning on riding Hole in the Ground on Saturday but it started raining when we got to Auburn. We continued on while the rain was light, but then it started pouring rain. Eventually we all decided to turn back and ride in Auburn where hopefully the rain was a bit lighter. We wound up riding Clementine Loop under a constant drizzile. The ride was a blast, who would have figured that the wettest muddiest ride of the year would be in August!

Return to Cannell Plunge

I made a return trip to the Cannell Plunge, this time with a larger group, and with some people who were a bit faster than I am. We pushed a bit faster pace than I did last time and we also put in some bonus miles to Sherman Peak before heading down the Cannell Trail. Overall this was an incredible journey and the best ride yet.
I also had a great ride with Eric and Kelly at Annadel Park near Santa Rosa so I should have pictures posted from that soon as well.


Update : Photos and a partial ride report for the Cannell Plunge are up
What an incredible week. I started out on Saturday with a 25 mile ride in Auburn with Kevin, we started in the ravine and rode up the Clementine Lake trail to the newly opened Clementine-Foresthill Divide Connector trail (which is a great trail by itself) around Foresthill Divide and back down the Tunnel Trail. Somehow we did the ride 1 1/2 hours faster than when we did the same ride in the fall.
On Sunday we drove to Yosemite and hiked up about 1200 feet to the Yosemite Falls Overlook. That hike really kicked my butt. We have tons of pictures from Yosemite and I will post them as soon as possible.
After taking it relatively easy on Monday I hooked up with Steve Wolf yesterday for a ride out of Kernville (East of Bakersfield) called the Cannell Plunge. Char drove us to the top so I have some shuttle karma I need to work off but it was worth it. 25+ miles with 2500 ft of climbing (at 9000′ your feel every foot of it) and a whooping 8000′ of descending down some absolutely incredible singletrack. The final 6000′ of the descending is done on the last 8 miles of trail… This ride was incredible.

Henry Coe

I finally have the pictures up and my ride report from the Henry Coe ride I did a few weeks ago with the Trogs. Henry Coe is a beautiful park with miles and miles of great singletrack. This park is in the coastal mountain range and there is a ton of climbing so be prepared and get the topographic maps of the area. It also gets very hot in the summer time so bring plenty of water.
I just finished a great ride with Steve Wolf at Fort Ord. I took tons of pictures so I should have a ride report and pictures for Fort Ord, including the Sea Otter Classic course, very soon.

Bryan Bruce Baker

This morning at about 1:00 AM Kansas time my father, Bryan Bruce Baker, died of a heart attack in bed. Right now I am pretty floored, it’s 4 O’Clock in the morning and I haven’t been able to get any sleep at all. It’s all there, the self doubt, the regrets, the blame, but most of all just an overwhelming hole in my life. I put together a page with some of my own thoughts and feelings about my dad and I will be putting some pictures and other things up later as well as anything that anyone else in the family decides to put up as well.