Learning to Fly

I am now officially a student pilot. Earlier today I logged 1.4 hours of flight time in a Cesna 172. We flew circles around the area south of Stockton and made a few landings at a single strip runway right off of highway 33 (I think New Jerusalem). I made 2 successful landings (assisted) and aborted 3 other landing attempts.
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New Front Page

I have made a new front page on the site, the changes are subtle but hopefully for the better. I have set it up so the front page of the site is now fed from a database which will make posting stories a lot easier for me. There is also an option for readers to comment on stories and ridicule me publicly.
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Website Problems

On October 1st my web hosting provider made a major change to the way web scripts are used on the system. As a result all of the ride reports on my site were totally inaccessable. I have been out of town so I didn’t notice until today. After about 5 hours of tinkering things are back online. Sorry for the inconvenience.
On a happier note, I have posted some pictures from a Boggs Mountain ride I did with Eric, Danny and Kelly. I also got a great ride in at Northstar and I will be posting new pictures there. There are a few more goodies coming soon, but I will save the suprise until they are ready.

Bear Valley

Had a great ride a couple of weeks ago with the trogs at Bear Valley. We had a point to point ride planned and we were planning on going twice but somehow we got mixed up and wound up way off course and had an unexpected 5 miles of climbing so we called it a day after one run. Even with the unexpected climbing and 1 1/2 miles of hike-a-bike it was a great ride, there was some incredible buffed singletrack, lots of fun downhill, great rock gardens and a unique slickrock section.

Rained Out

We were planning on riding Hole in the Ground on Saturday but it started raining when we got to Auburn. We continued on while the rain was light, but then it started pouring rain. Eventually we all decided to turn back and ride in Auburn where hopefully the rain was a bit lighter. We wound up riding Clementine Loop under a constant drizzile. The ride was a blast, who would have figured that the wettest muddiest ride of the year would be in August!