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Rockville park is a place that must be experienced to understand. The park is fairly small but is jam packed with challenging trails. Not stunts and jumps but rocky trails that you will find yourself riding over and over trying to conquer. I am also amazed by the fact that as many times as I've been here I am still finding new stuff. You expect that at big parks like Annadel, but Rockville is so small...

I don't have any particular routes to recommend and the only map I have is of questionable accuracy (but it's the only one I've seen). I can tell you that the Upper and Lower Tilly trails and the trails on that side of the park are the most challenging trails in the park. Also, Make sure you take the time to ride the Rock Garden trail, it's a blast both up and down.

Rides at Rockville are shorter than at most places, some of this is due to the fact that it's a tiny park but it's mostly due to the fact that the trails a so technical you spend more time riding them.


2006-01-08Rockville -

Download and print the full sized Rockville Map for best results. This map was originally found on the Official Park Page but in two parts which made it nearly useless.