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Nice Curves.

Shuttling up the hill.

Last little climb up to the ridge.

Crashmaster working the Rock Garden climb. It was pretty funny, we all sort of gathered around and everyone took a turn attempting the climb. On Andy's second try he tried a more agressive line a lived up to his nickname.

Cowboy working the climb

Joe on the line most of us took.

Dana coming down the same section of trail.

Gary ?Riding? the Wall of Death. Where's his left foot?

IMJPS taking the easy (smart) way around the W-O-D

Reggie looking good... bummer that I don't have any better pictures from this ride, she did awesome on this ride and really pushed her limits.

Celia (hope I spelled that right) hopping up onto a rock right after a creek crossing. Celia is an awesome rider from Marin and organized a chicks only night ride near Marin.

Joe on his second (third?) attempt on the rock Celia was riding. This rock was a bit tougher than it looks. Watching Joe fall we were all sure he was going to eat it. He disappointed us though, he wound up hopping with one foot attached to his bike about 10 feet down the trail without crashing.

Remarkably this stick did not destory Gary's rear derailueruruer.

Lisa near the end of the ride.


Mario rode half of the ride with his seat Duct Taped to his seat post. At the end of the ride it was toast.