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And one thing that is conspicously absent from Moab is the trees, and in general green stuff.

Gary showing us how to wheelie drop the 12" drop at the bottom of this granite. I tried it and cleaned the same stunt a couple times but couldn't do the wheelie drop at the end because of the slope.


A huge part of Hole in the Ground trail looks like this. Singletrack in a field of boulders. Lots of loose rock, rock dropoffs, and well... rocks. Very much like a bowl of rocky road ice cream without the soft marshmellows to land on. -=- August 23rd 2013

Road that trail with a friend in August, 2013. Pretty awesome but very challenging for me technically. Although I live and ride in beautiful Marin County in Northern California with miles and miles of rough, steep, rocky fire roads and trails, this one really kicked our butts! The 8,000 ft. altitude made a difference too. But we made it. Would do it again, especially after some more single track training back home. ;-)

We took a little detour to Sand Ridge Lake. The alpine lakes are beautiful and a great place for a break.

We were worried about getting hot on this ride but it started sprinkling on us when we got to the lake and kept up for the rest of the ride for a great refresh. Also it kept the trail dust down and made the trail a little tackier. Nice!


Another angle of the lake.