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A great ride for mountain bikers of almost any skill and fitness level. Riders who are in very good shape can ride this trail as a loop. Less fit riders can cut the loop a little shorter or can shuttle the ride from the top using a local shuttle company or self shuttling. Once your bike is pointed downhill there is very little climbing and the riding is seriously grin inducing.


A big group of close to 50 riders at the base of the Alpine Trail.

One of many great views on the climb up the Alpine Trail.

While we were climbing up to the top of the Alpine Loop the shuttle to the top caught us. This is by far the biggest mountain bike shuttle ride I have ever seen. Two full tour busses, a smaller bus, and two box trucks to haul all the bikes. Impressive in it's own way.

While the tourists were unloading their bikes our group continued up the climb.

The climb is actually not that steep, just quite long and with the spectacular views it was actually quite enjoyable.

After climbing for about 14 miles on the roads you get to do some climbing on singletrack. Here's Mark Gee on the singletrack climb.

Finally the trail turns downhill!

Impy! on the Alpine Downhill.

Five of us plus a guide took off on the downhill starting at Bunchgrass Meadow.

Most of the Alpine downhill is sweet fast singletrack. A few switchbacks, some steep areas, and some moderate drops but mostly just fast buffed trails.