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Waldo Lake is a deceptively challenging trail. There are no huge climbs but instead you have about a hundred short little climbs that slowly wear down your will to continue riding. I suggest this trail for advanced or intermediate riders who are looking for a challenging ride. There are quite a few technical areas on the trail but it's more of a cross country adventure than a technically challenging ride. This is an advanced intermediate ride mostly due to it's length. Beginning riders can ride shorter sections starting from the boat launch to make easier rides.


We started the ride above Betty Lake to add some mileage. The descent from Betty Lake trail down to Waldo Lake is gradual and doesn't have a lot of technical riding. The return climb is also fairly mild and rideable by most beginning riders. This is a great place to start the ride, the only downside is that you end the ride with a climb back up to the cars.

Chum riding along in the burned out forest not far from the boat launches and campgrounds. This lake is a popular vacation destination and there was quite a bit of traffic on this trail, most of it was concentrated near this section.

Thomas and Dave? kicking up dust at Waldo Lake.

Ron the "Lemurian Guy" on the back side of Waldo Lake. Ron was generous enough to invite us along on the ride and show us around Waldo.

Dave at Waldo Lake

Somewhere in there you can see a rider.

Thomas on the Green Monster

Group shot