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A phenomenal week of riding. We hit trails in both Moab and Fruita. Moad trails were tough rocky adventures and the Fruita trails included some of the most spectacular singletrack I have ever ridden. Moab trails included _Slickrock Trail_, Poison Spider (and the Portal Trail), and Porcupine Rim. In Fruita we rode the _Kokopelli_ trails area including the excellent Moore Fun Trail, the Bookcliff Trails, and I wound up soloing most of the Western Rim Trail.

The adventure started when Rod from the Mountain Pedaler (Bike shop in Angels Camp) invited me after one of our Thursday Night New Melones rides. It was a bit of a challenge to get the time off but I managed it and boy was it worth it. Several of the Angels Camp locals including Rod had ridden several of the Moab trails previously and had some ideas about where to go. None in our group had ever ridden in Fruita before so I did some research on the net (primarily using Peter Beers Fruita Site).

The weeks before flew by and finally six of us left in two cars, my van and a Subaru. The Ogre, Rod, Scott, Joe and Two Robs....

Fruita - Bookcliffs Trails - The trail system most likely to be confused for a roller coaster ride. This trail is an incredible mix of ripping fast Singletrack, whoop-dee-doos and little jumps.

Fruita - Kokopelli Trails area - Moore Fun than any trail deserves to be. Many miles of singletrack including the excellent technical Moore Fun trail and tons of trails with scenic cliffside views of the Colorado River.

Fruita - Western Rim Trail - Located in the Rabbit Valley area right along the Colorado/ Utah border the Western Rim trail is an excellent cliffside adventure with awesome views and great fast/ fairly easy riding.

Moab - Gemini Bridges - No Pictures Yet

Moab - Poison Spider - Portal - This is one of the 'Classic' Moab rides and includes the Portal trail which is also notorious as being the most dangerous (deadly) of the trails.

Moab - Porcupine Rim - This was a great trail and I will definitely ride it every year when I come out here. 16 miles of beautiful Utah scenery and ripping fast/ fun downhill. The top portion is jeep road with tons of drops and jumps to keep things lively then it narrows down to some really killer singletrack. A classic - do not miss ride.

Moab - Slickrock Trail - Nothing Yet.

This is the beast that managed to carry us to Moab, Fruita and back. Scott is shown here getting something out of the van.

Here is most of the crew at the parking lot at Slickrock Trail. From left to right: Ogre's thumb, Rob, Scott, Rod, and Joe. The other Rob was missing in action at the time of this picture.