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Poison Spider trail is a jeep road climb/ descent which is mostly a gradual climb with some technical and steep sections thrown in to make things interesting. You take the Poison Spider Trail for about 8 miles to the top of the Portal Trail. The Portal Trail is a rocky, super technical descent to the bottom of the ravine which hugs the cliff face.

For some reason our guide got mixed up and thought we had passed the top of the Portal. So our group wound up wandering a bit around on the top of the Mesa looking for the top of the Portal Trail until we stumbled into someone who knew the way. The way turned out to be staying on Poison Spider until it hit the edge of the cliff. Regardless we had a lot of fun exploring and playing on top of the mesa in the mean time.


Just outside of Moab. Take 191 North from town and turn left onto U-279. Follow 279 for a little more than 6 miles and look for the trailhead on the right (There is a conspicuous sign). The dirt road going up is Poison Spider.


Coming Soon !!


Everyone except the Ogre climbing near the bottom of the Poison Spider trail.

One of many small challenges on the way up Poison Spider.

Scott showing off on the Poison Spider climb.

od, Scott and Joe still climbing

As you get onto the top of the mesa the dirt disapears and is a considerable amount of slickrock exposed.

The Other Rob, Scott, and Rod, near the top of the climb.

The Other Rob sharing the trail with a Jeep.

Heading out across the mesa our group ran into a few other riders.

Rod decided to skip the Portal Trail because he doesn't like heights so that left The Ogre, Joe, Scott, The Other Rob, and Rob.

Joe and Rob getting frustrated with the navigation on top of the Mesa.

Our fearless navigator showing us how to attack the slickrock hills on the top of the Mesa.

The Ogre having some difficulty with jumps. One of these days...

The Other Rob taking the easy line instead of the jump The Ogre screwed up on.

With the wind whipping us and rain threatening we finally make it to the top of the Portal trail. We take a short Power Bar Break and I get the helmet cam set up for the run.

The top of the portal trail.

Joe on one of the more fun parts of the Portal trail.

Rob on the rocks on the Portal Trail.

Victory!! We have conquered the Portal Trail. Well at least we finished it. Personally I pushed my bike on way too much of it to really take credit for conquering it. Sorry not to many pictures of the actual Portal Trail, check out the video for an idea of what it looks like.