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Thanks to all who participated in the Auburn Ride, Posting a new thread so we don't have a thread with a million pictures on it.

24 riders, 666 combined miles, mid-ride munchies and beer one hell uv-a ride.

A creek crossing on Manzanita Trail (A group)

Dan'ger near the bottom of the Manzanita trail. Ooo look at the pretties

Nate's perspectives were altered early on in the ride.

Foresthill Bridge. Yeah those little dots on the left are...

Mountain Bikers!! 730' Bridge Highest in the state Cool!


Had the B-Group waited until they were supposed to we might have gotten a cool picture of them here. Odd how they started 25 minutes early and beat us to the lunch spot by 30 minutes...

Nate suffering on the Firebreak Trail. This is about the highest point in the ride, you can see the Foresthill bridge in the background.

Purdy meadow at the beginning of Foresthill Divide Trail...

Joseph doing trailside repairs. Steve says "See I can get the front wheel off the ground.

Mmm Lunch at the 1/2 way point.

Group was too big for one shot

Beer, munchies, 11 miles back to the cars. Like a party with wheels!