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This is a series of pictures I took on a flight with a Terry, a good friend of mine from CVALE - our local Linux users group. Terry owns a small Taylorcraft plane which is visible in my Hogan Aerial series. On this day we flew out of Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK) up to Auburn and back. Terry let me take the controls for most of the flight out then we had a hundred dollar burger and headed home.
This is the Clementine trail climb.

This is a portion of the Clementine - Foresthill Divide _Connector Trail_. I'm not certain but I think the wider track going down the center of the image is a dirt road and the _Connector Trail is the narrow trail up higher on the hill.

Looking down Foresthill road back towards Auburn. In the upper right corner of the image you can just make out the edge of the Foresthill Bridge. The road on the right goes down to Lake Clementine and the Clementine Trail (Though we never use this road to access it). The road to the left (Old Foresthill Road?) leads down into the ravine and the Clementine and Stagecoach trailheads, along with No Hands Bridge.

You can see a little singletrack in the upper right which is probably the upper portion of the Clementine Loop leading up to the Culvert Trail.

The ravine area is awesome form 5000'. The Confluence Trail (the end of the Clementine Loop) is visible near the bottom of the image between the river and the road. You can also see Stagecoach Trail climbing up from the base of the curved bridge.

The Base of the ravine, it's a little grainy due to the overall hazyness the day we were flying.

Another shot of the base of the ravine from a little further out. Yellow is Highway 49, Red is the Confluence section of the Clementine Loop, Green is the bottom of the Climb to Clementine Lake, and the Blue is Stagecoach Trail.

A little to the West of the ravine. In the larger image you can clearly see Stagecoach Trail and No Hands Bridge which leads to the Auburn - Cool Trail (I think).

Even further west you can see the site of where Auburn Dam was to be built. The riverbed is exposed for a short while here where the river was diverted into a tunnel for the dam to be built.