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I took Fiona and the kids up to Sacramento to go for a ride at Granite Bay. About 15 minutes after I left the house I had one of those feelings and I asked Sylvia to count tires. The total came in "eight tires in the car dad" plus two on the rack, perfect.

On the way out we stopped at Performance Bikes to repair a broken spoke and true my wheel. $200 later my spoke was replaced, plus I had two arm loads of gear. After stopping at Performance we headed east on Madison and out to Folsom-Auburn road.

When we get to the park and start unloading bikes and gear.... 9 tires. ?? Apparently Sylvia miscounted. Uh Oh, someone is walking. Liz volunteers to kick back in the car and read so the rest of us set out. There are trails throughout the park but to get to the singletrack head to the farthest parking lot from the gate and look for the trail head at the east end of the parking area.


From 50 Take Folsom-Auburn Road North to Douglas Boulevard turn right (east) on Douglas and follow it to the park. From 80 take exit Douglas Boulevard and head east to the park ($5 day use fee). Alternately you can park along Folsom-Auburn Road or Douglas Boulevard and ride into the park.