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A phenominal cross country ride about 45 minutes north of Auburn. Awesome views, fast hairy buffed singletrack which makes you drool. A local favorite in the winter when the snow closes the higher trails.


The Bikemover crossing a cool bridge about 1 Mile before the trailhead.

Jeff near the beginning of the singletrack on the Rim Trail (an old flume which was used to divert water for the gold mining at Malicoff Diggings) . This is right after some a nice short switchback climb.

Steve (Big Boulder) and Jim (Jilm) taking off on the Rim Trail. Buffed Singletrack goodness! This was the view we had of them most of the day... when we saw them at all. I've fattened up and slowed down this last month.


Joseph and Jeff cruising off.

The Rim trail has several short steep climbs, most of them are fairly short but two in particular were walked by most of our group. Singlespeeders in particular have trouble with the climbs. Here we are resting after one of them. From left to right: Ogre's Titus (on the ground), Joseph-da-Trog, Steve (Big Boulder), Patrick (Pfffffft), Jeff (Kapusta), and Jim (Jilm).

From the end of the Rim trail you can drop down to the town by the road or there is a short technical singletrack which is a poach.

One of the sweetest trails I never rode.

These riders have been digitally added to this photograph after the fact because we weren't here.

From the town there is a moderate climb up to the top of Missouri Bar Trail. Missouri Bar Trail is a steep very fast singletrack that blasts you down to the South Yuba trail. It eats brakes for lunch and has a very high pucker factor, dropping 1600' in less than 2 miles along a super skinny trail with a steep drop to the side. There is at least one tree which is down along the trail so watch your speed.

Pictured: Patrick on the bottom of the very steep, very skinny, brake eating Missouri Bar downhill.

JDT in the South Yuba riverbed.

Nice swimming hole. It was a bit chilly to take a dip today though.

JDT capturing Big Boulder in Action.

Jeff rolling the bridge.

The Heli-Cam (TM) returns for some exciting overhead action. Awesome day, stunning views, great riders, incredible trail, only thing missing was YOU. Fun had by all.