Cannell Plunge – Labor Day Weekend (Updated 8/30)

Y’all are invited to an incredible ride weekend for Laborday weekend. Smack in the center of the state is one of the best rides in the state, the Cannell Plunge. Imagine 25+ miles of incredible single track loaded with technical downhills, incredible scenery, screaming-fast white knuckle downhills, beautiful buffed singletrack, and even optional death marches for the criminally insane. This grand finale is an awesome 8 mile downhill that descends over 5000′.

This is a tough ride but it is truly one of the best rides this beautiful state has to offer. I’ve ridden a lot of places and very very few have the sheer variety of fun that you find on this trail. A couple years ago I met Mountain Bike Bill there and he was equally impressed.

Here’s the gameplan for the weekend:

  • Saturday Noon we are meeting at the riverside park in Kernville and will riding a trail called Just Outstanding AKA Shirley Meadows. This is a 16 mile downhill and we will be shuttling it.

  • Sunday 8:00 AM we will meet again at the riverside park to ride the Plunge. We have a shuttle reserved for 10 people plus we can shuttle up to 10 more which should be plenty for our purposes.

  • Sunday post ride (~4:00PM-???) Tri Tip BBQ, party.

  • Monday : It looks like we will have a rafting trip on Monday. Full details about the rafting trip will be available when we get to Kernville.

I will be camping along the Kern River north of Kernville and will try to stake out an area where others can camp out as well. The postride party/ BBQ will be at my campsite which will be located strategically close to the exit to the Cannell Plunge.

For directions and additional details about the ride check out my Cannell Plunge Page

The Ogre says “This was the Best Ride Yet”.
Wherewolf waxes poetic: “What more could I ask for?”.
Mountain Bike Bill says “Take the Plunge and you will not be disappointed!”