Web Developer For Rent

It’s been a little bit since I last posted, I haven’t been idle. For starters I made some significant changes to the Trailhead Map Page. Those changes have been in place for a while but you might not have noticed there is now a “Link to this View” link on the top of the page which you can use to save the current page, including the exact map zoom and location. On top of that, what you probably didn’t notice is that my web site has move to yet another new home. The last one host was getting a bit sluggish and this one offered more space and better performance.

I’ve also been quite busy at work and I’ve picked up a lot about Oracle. In fact it was a real “Crash Course” in the most literal sense, the server crashed and I had to learn fast or die. The other thing I’ve been learning quite a bit about at work is more advanced web site techniques. I’m pretty jazzed about some of the things I’ve picked up lately and just hope I have the time to put some of them into action. The sort of thing you see on the map page is just the tip of the iceberg.

Additionally I would like to start doing independant web development. This site showcases some of the things I’m capable of but there is so much more. What I really specialize in is database driven applications and interfaces to outside applications. If you are looking for a web developer for a project or if you know someone who is looking for one, drop me a line.