Mountain Bike Oregon

So I’m sitting on the fence right now, I think this event: Mountain Bike Oregon would be pretty cool. $250 for 5 days of fun riding is a bargain. Here’s the rundown of the event from their site:

  • 500 miles of the world’s best singletrack trails
  • Hundreds of cyclists
  • Three squares meals each day
  • New Belgium beer INCLUDED
  • Free Rivery City Bicycles mechanical support
  • Free demo bikes
  • Optional two days of additional hardcore riding

What to do, what to do…

2 thoughts on “Mountain Bike Oregon”

  1. Hmmmm… Looks pretty cool, but for $250 you could also do some epic road trip/riding trips with buddies. Its interesting as an event though. Its sort of a “destination vacation” for riders…. I’m tempted too.

  2. Certainly just do a road trip for less but probably not much less. The $50/ day includes meals and lodging, even if you’re talking about camping you are still looking at $10-15/ night most places add another $10-20/ day for food (and I’ve heard the food is good) and I know a lot of guys who can easily drink $10/ day worth of beer. Overall just the fact that everything is provided and I can focus strictly on riding is a bonus to me (the logistics is taken care of).

    Assuming I can get some people to go with me (and it sounds like at least a couple people will) I’m probably going to do this. We might just do the 3 day option and ride some other trails up north.

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