More 108 Exploration/ Eagle Creek Trail

Eagle Creek CrossingOur exploratory ride up highway 108 led us to the tiny town of Dardanelle and a ride called “Milo’s Run“. It sounds inoccuous enough but it worked us all day long. Fred (From the Trogs) and I met a couple of locals, Jeff and Mark, at the Strawberry Store then we rolled to Clark’s Fork road and parked just beyond the bridge. Our route started with a monster fireroad climb followed by some cross country on some Jeep Trails then a brutal downhill which was in serious need of some trail work. This ride was MUCH more than I anticipated and at one point in time we were seriously worried about Mark getting stuck on the trail or getting washed downstream at a couple of the creek crossings. Mark and Jeff said that they never rode it as a loop, they always shuttled it. I can understand why, there isn’t much to recommend the climb but the downhill is incredible. Check out the photos and ride description.