Tahoe Rim Trail, Hiking? and Flying

I still don’t have the Monetery Pictures posted,  I’m really slacking off lately.  Mostly it’s just the heat I think,  it’s been 105+ all week and my computer room just does not get it’s fair share of air conditioning.  I think it’s 95+ in here during the evening when I get home from work.  With all the heat I didn’t need much of an excuse to get out of town and a Tahoe Ride posted on MTBR was just the trick.

Fiona and I both managed to get off work early on Friday and we were up the in Tahoe by 7PM.  We found a great campsite near Hope Valley.  One of the advantages of having an RV is that we can easily camp places where there are no facilities and since campsites without facilities are usually empty we get plenty of privacy and quiet when we get out.

The ride itself was a killer Tahoe Rim Trail/ Toads ride.  We started at Spooner Summit and rode all the way to Kingsbury Grade,  up to Star Lake, Freel Pass and eventually to Toad’s and down.  The ride was just a hair shy of 40 miles,  something like 6000′ of climbing and the highest elevation of the ride was Freel Pass at 9700’…  Well I have the pictures from our Tahoe Rim Trail ride posted here.

After the ride I was pretty spent.  We went back to our campsite and I went into this deep zombie state immediately… not quite awake not quite asleep.  Anyhow.  The next morning we woke up and did some hiking near our campsite then played Tahoe Tourist on one of the Paddle Wheelers on the Lake.  Finally we finished our weekend off with a Hike up to the TRT starting from Grass Lake.  We only went about 1.5 miles out then back for a total of 3 miles and about 800′ verticle.  Then we headed down into the valley only to find that when we got there at 10PM it was still 90 degrees outside  Yuck!