Getting Single Speeded In

From everything I’ve heard making the adjustment from Geared to SS is generally supposed to be a rough adjustment, this hasn’t turned out to be the case for me. My commuting has been on flat ground so the 34×13 gear ratio I run during the week keeps me cruising at about 20-22MPH with a nice cadence, my commute time is equivalent or often better than it was on my road bike. On the trail I did a pretty big 36 mile ride out of Columbia and this weekend I did a ride at Salmon Falls. On both rides I did wind up walking in a few places where I would normally ride but on the singlespeed I just can’t help but ride faster. Technical riding is the biggest challenge so far. The 29″ wheels help a lot but I just can’t quite ride up to the level that I was able to.  We’ll see how things progress.

One of the biggest reasons I did this was to have an interim bike while I got the fork repaired on the Titus.  The thing is I’m having so much fun I haven’t even taken the fork off the Titus yet :)