Sierra is Open

If you haven’t noticed yet the Sierra Nevada is open for business. Trails pretty much everywhere are rolling, I’ve ridden Pinecrest Peak and Grouse Ridge. I’ve heard about people riding in Downieville, I think both Butcher and Paulie Creek are open… probably about everything. I’m not sure about Tahoe and Hole in the Ground yet but I think everything below 9000′ or so is probably open unless it has a lot of South facing slopes. So… head east my friends!!

Update: Check the comments below, looks like Toads is mostly open now too!

Update 2: Just heard from someone that Hole in the Ground is still partly covered in snow and tough to ride.

Update 3: Hole in the Ground is Open as is Freel Pass right now… If those trails are open pretty much everthing is.

2 thoughts on “Sierra is Open”

  1. Rode Mr. Toads this last Saturday 6/21. Accessed from Armstrong Pass. Still some significant snow banks between Freel Meadows and Saxon Creek junction. Top of Toads has some snow, but manageable. Other than some thundershowers, very nice day.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the update on that, good to know. Thundershowers can be quite exciting at elevation.

    Also, apparently those same thundershowers sparked a ton of fires all over the state.

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