Hmm… much neglected

Sonora to Mt Elizabeth

Wow… I’ve let things slide again.

Things are a little crazy right now, my company lost the contract I was working on and they didn’t have any similar jobs where I live so right now I am officially unemployed. Severance package is decent so we’re doing ok financially but unfortunately it means I have to look for work. If anyone is looking for a DBA with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL experience in an enterprise point them my way.

Since I have a bit of time on my hands I’ve been trying to get in some training on the bike. The trails are pretty gooped up so I’ve been grabbing some road riding between the rain showers (sometimes in the rain) and doing some longer fire road rides with little bits of singletrack. The photo linked here is from a ride I did this weekend near Sonora, lots of steep climbing (5800′ over 25 miles) and about 10 miles of riding flumes at 12-15+ mph trying to keep up with some fast riders. Here is the Motion Based rundown on the ride. Click on the picture to the right for the photo log. Quite an interesting ride overall, Jeff cracked his frame then wrangled a spare and finished the ride. Aaron got crossed up in the snow and took a swim in the flume.