2014 – Rebuilding


Looking back at 2014, it was a good year for riding. Not my best ever, but the last couple years I’ve been off the bike a lot so I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things. Compared to 2013, I rode 30 more days, 250 more miles, and was on the bike 33% longer. Total distance ridden in 2014 was over 1,587 miles (versus a bit of 1250 in 2013) including rides in California, Oregon, and Washington. Highlights included some amazing rides in Bend, a really fun day revisiting the Iron Horse trail and the 2+ mile Snoqualami tunnel with Fiona, and an amazing day climbing up Ape Canyon Trail to the Plains of Abraham on the back side of Mt. St Helens.

Not my strongest year ever, but a big step up after a couple years of slacking off. For 2015, I plan on riding even more and seeing more new amazing places.