The Differences between Yoga and Mountain Biking

Yoga is great cross training for mountain biking, it helps build core strength and increases rider flexibility, focus, and endurance. After a tough ride, practicing yoga also helps stretch out tight muscles and stimulates healing. But there are some fairly significant differences between any mountain biker should keep in mind when learning yoga, keeping this in mind will help you avoid frustration or embarrassment.

  • In yoga they don’t call it an endo, it’s called downward facing dog, and it usually hurts a lot less.
  • If you hit a rock or tree during yoga… something is seriously wrong.
  • It’s extremely uncommon to share a beer in the parking lot when you finish yoga so leave the cooler at home.
  • Changing in the parking lot before and after yoga is definitely frowned on, change at home, use the bathroom or changing room at the studio.
  • In most studios, shouting “Fuck Yeah!” when you finally master a position is alsoYfrowned upon.
  • No one has ever said “Best yoga ever” after practicing yoga.
  • When you finish yoga, there are no mysterious cuts, scrapes, or bruises you don’t remember getting, but you are likely to discover entire classes of muscles you never knew you could strain.
  • It doesn’t matter how long your yoga session is, you’ll never need chamois butter.