Nightime Hogan insanity

Last night Mark and I hit Coyote Point Trail at Lake Hogan under a nearly full moon and it was a blast. I was concerned about riding the upper trails but it turned out to be a blast. It got pretty scetchy up on the ridge because the trail is so unused I got mixed up several times. Downhills were wild in the dark.
Then we hit the lower trails and we picked up the pace quite a bit, making time along the lower trail. We got a little past miners cove (The place with the floating Porto potty) and into the cow pastures but the trail got just too wet and cow trodden so we turned around.
The moon was pretty bright so I spent a bit of time picking my way along without my headlamp but after I nearly destroyed my big chainring on a big rockin the trail I turned it back on.
Right after the fallen tree (yes it’s still blocking the trail) Mark gota flat right after we got on the bikes. He changed his tire right by the cattle gate while I held the light (and froze my butt off). We got packed up and hit the trail running.
I was leading most of the way, but at some point about half way back I stalled on a hill and Mark passed me. After he got around me he cranked the pace up about 2 notches and I was hard put to keep up for the rest of the night. We kept on the lower trail all the way back and were quickly back to the car.
We did about 15 miles in 2 hours, not a bad pace considering we spent about 45 minutes at a snails pace on the upper trails. It was a wild ride.