In the Air Again

A little before Christmas I was getting frustrated with my flying. Things that I had down pat were hard, things I should be picking up on were impossible. Even the simplest things I was goofing up. My landings which I thought I had nailed were rough.
So I decided to take a little time off from flying. The little time turned into a couple months, I kept finding excuses to not fly. So finally with a little urging from my wife I set up an appointment this weekend.
When we got into the air I remembered why I liked flying so much. After taking off we flew around over Stockton, and did quite a bit of manuevers over the city. The UOP tower looks cool from the sky. In fact everything looks pretty cool from up there.
My flying was awesome, I have never flown better. One of the things I had problems with in the past was establishing cruising flight after getting to my desired altitude and I nailed it almost every time yesterday. My landings were also great. If things keep up this way I’m going to solo fairly soon.
I think taking the time off from flying really helped me commit a lot of the things that I “knew” from my forebrain where I think about things to that little part of my brain that does things. I’ve notices this works a lot of times with mountain biking as well. I read about some new technique and try it out a few times unsuccessfully. Give it a week or two and then find myself doing it without even thinging about it on the trail.