The Map Revisited

Rev 2 of my Trailhead Map is mostly ready. I actually crashed version 1 and don’t feel like fixing it because this version was so close to being ready. So what you get is almost all of the features I’d intended but I don’t have the database built completely yet. However even at this point I think it is pretty unique and cool. Currently the map includes the Folsom/ Auburn Area trails like the old one did plus a few others. I have a database backend on it now so I can add trails to it very quickly so I expect it will grow very quickly.

While working on this I’ve realized that my site has really started to become quite large and cumbersome at it is quite a chore trying to keep everything up to date. Also at one point in time I lost quite a bit of content and I need to rebuild it but time is just slipping by.

If anyone would like to help me add locations to the trailhead map please Contact Me! and I would love to set you up. Incidentally for those who have used my contact me link on the site and found it broken it is now a web form. You can email me at ogre -at ogrehut -dot- com or just use the form (which emails me).