Of Mice and Men

Finally after a long hiatas I returned to Salmon Falls and Mickey Mouse (Old Ride Report with pictures here). We had stopped going because several sources said the trail was closed but apparently it was temporary or just vandalism. Anyhow… the return trip was glorious. Mickey Mouse trail was in premium condition and was every bit as challenging as I remembered it.

I brought my helmet cam and captured some decent footage which I am processing right now. In the mean time you can check out some pictures from my ride on MTBR. While on the ride we had a random encounter with a couple of riders who were fascinated by the car at the top of the trail. More Pictures on MTBR, below and this video (3MB) show the results. Hey Josh and Jerry, Thanks for the trailside entertainment.

Riding the car at the top of Mickey Mouse

3 thoughts on “Of Mice and Men”

  1. Thanks for taking the pics of Jerry! We have been crazy busy here lately and I was happy that he got a chance to ride with Joel and it just so happened that you guys were on the trail at the same time ready for some action! I’ve missed riding with him, but haven’t had the chance here lately. Thanks a bunch….we really appreciate the pics! He looks awesome!!!

    Enjoy the ride! ;0)


  2. I think I have been back to that area at least once during one of my Salmon Falls Rides. I attempted the huge climb to the saddle on Flagstaff and rode along the fireroad-single track. Then once that ended I hit a downhill that put me into manzanita bushes such that I had to dismount because my upper body kept hitting the trees. But I dont remember the old car so I dont think that it was Micky Mouse. Speaking of which, I thought the landowner still had that closed unless he has decided to open it. BTW, I finnaly tried out the Falconcrest entrance to Sweetwater today. I went down the hill out of the parking lot and spent a bit of time and energy hoursing around before comming to my senses and going back to the parking lot and by chance eyeing the trail on my left and taking through the ups and downs…Had to walk the big loose downhill then get myself reorriented after the stream crossing but took the “wrong” trail and headed to Old Salmon Falls Bridge instead but decided to make a loop of it anyway headed up Salmon Falls then back across the new bridge to the Upper Sweetwater Parking lot (Lunch) then back down Sweetwater (walking alot – low on energy) then back up the Falconcrest Connection (after trying to find the trail…) and back home. I nice ride!

  3. You might have been on the lower section of Mickey Mouse. Deep ruts, super steep trail? Mickey Mouse is kind of hard to find. As far as owner closing the trails. My rule of thumb is don’t hop fences and respect signage. I had heard from a couple sources that it was fenced off then recently I heard people were riding it again. When I got there everything was clear.

    Mickey Mouse can be tricky to find. It’s best to track someone down who has ridden it and ride with them. The fireroad that goes out to MM folows along the ridge line along the top of Flagstaff hill so if you weren’t up on the ridge you probably weren’t close.

    I used to ride the loop you described going across the old bridge and looping around on Salmon Falls to Sweetwater. It makes a loop out of some trails that are usually out-and-backs. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the Falcon Crest trail. I like it but some people don’t.

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