Sweetwater/ Mickey Mouse Video

I finished editing the video footage from our ride last weekend. My lousy editing is complemented well by the cord hanging down in front of the camera during the video and the slightly tilted helmet camera. The mud on the lens was inevitable on a day like this so I take no credit for that. In any case: Medium Quality Quicktime Movie (50MB).

One thought on “Sweetwater/ Mickey Mouse Video”

  1. I enjoy watching your video over and over again. I am begining to get faster on the lower 2/3 of Sweetwater but I am still walking on the first major rock garden and of course up Dead Brother and the other climb at the end. I am starting to get the hang of going down those two climbs however. I did the upper climb (or attempted it as I usually do when on Salmon Falls) last week but only got a little past the first stream crossing so I could get back home to my wife and ready for my 30 mile commute to downtown from Rancho on Monday.

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