Long Delayed South Yuba Video

About a month ago I promised a video from our South Yuba Ride. Then I proceeded to dawdle and delay again and again plus tried to upload it to Google vidoes until finally I gave up on Google and posted it on YouTube. However the qualiy of the YouTube video is pretty weak so I went ahead and posted the original quicktime here as well.

Here is the original Higher Quality Quicktime video or but if you are bandwidth challenged or just too lazy to mess with quicktime, here is the YouTube version.

Tahoe Gathering Videos and Pictures

Well I did the Tahoe rides with the MTBR crew and had a blast. I only made it to two days, Saturday and Sunday.
The Saturday ride was a brutal 39 mile trek from Mt. Rose to Kingsbury Grade. I had an incredible time, the views were awesome, the riding great. But by the end of the ride my spirit was truly broken and I would have sworn off singletrack for life to get off the trail. Check out the pictures here. I made a video and you can find it on Google Video.  You can also check out MTBBill’s Pictures from the ride.
Sunday’s ride… it was amazing that there even was a Sunday ride after Saturday… we rode Toad’s Wild Ride. Of the few of us who were left there was little discussion about riding the full loop. Fortunately Char was there to shuttle us to the top so we didn’t have to fetch cars at the end of the ride. I got plenty of pictures but no video on Sunday. I’ll post them shortly.

Moab/ Fruita Videos Up

Videos from The Ogre’s Moab trip are up now. I don’t have them all up but most of them are ready. Here’s the list of videos so far:

I lost the copies I had on the site of these videos.  I’m working on getting them back online right now but instead of hosting them myself I’m putting them up on Google Video to save (my) bandwidth and to offer more playback options.  So far I have the Fruita Bookcliffs Trails video up but no others yet.