Long Delayed South Yuba Video

About a month ago I promised a video from our South Yuba Ride. Then I proceeded to dawdle and delay again and again plus tried to upload it to Google vidoes until finally I gave up on Google and posted it on YouTube. However the qualiy of the YouTube video is pretty weak so I went ahead and posted the original quicktime here as well.

Here is the original Higher Quality Quicktime video or but if you are bandwidth challenged or just too lazy to mess with quicktime, here is the YouTube version.

4 thoughts on “Long Delayed South Yuba Video”

  1. enjoyed the vidio footage. We’re looking for a ride to do in Jan. weather provided. Our trails up north are pretty well frozen over till spring. Would you recomend this trail for a winter ride ( weather provided)?
    Dean Dyrr
    deandyrr – at- hotmail.com

  2. South Yuba Trail itself is a great winter ride but Highway 20 and the Omega -> Alpha Diggin’s drop in gets snowed in. If you wanted to shuttle the South Yuba you can always park a car at Purdon crossing then start at the eastmost trailhead which is just past the town of Washington. This makes for a great 25 mile ride and it’s quite challenging.     There are also some good loops you can ride for various parts of the trail. For a decent map of the area go to MTBSingletrack and click on South Yuba Trail.

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