New Hogan Trailwork Recap

We had a great turnout at the Lake Hogan Trailwork weekend, on Saturday 11 people showed up and on Sunday we had 13 people working on the trails. It didn’t seem like it was going to work out so well at first though. Fiona and I showed up on Friday night and the weather rapidly degraded over Friday night. We abandoned the campfire when the winds started blowing through the camp at 20-30+ MPH and the rain started falling. Even inside the RV it was hard to sleep with the constant battering of the wind and intermittent rain. Saturday morning dawned and things weren’t much better, it looked like the weekend was going to be a washout due to weather…

Brian was the first one to show up around 11:15 AM and in spite of a light shower and constant high winds we set out with Brian’s bob trailer and started work. Brian and I spent most of the morning working on a switchback and then starting around 1:30 PM others started showing up as well and they spent quite a bit of time working on brush clearing along the trail. Joseph-da-trog showed up with an electric trimmer and the trail clearing started progressing at a phenominal pace. In addition to doing some major cleanup on the switchback, we also put a culvert in and covered it with rocks and dirt so the first really nasty creek crossing is now super smooth.

By nightfall the weather had almost cleared up completely. We did move the RV so it would act as a big wind barrier and we could eat dinner and enjoy the campfire. Some people went home but a few people camped with us and Fiona made some KILLER Cherry Cobbler in the Dutch Oven.

Sunday we spent a lot more time on just clearing brush. We probably cleared 4-5 miles of trail. Everyone was beat and wrapped things up around 3PM or so. Brian, Jeff, and I spent some time playing at one of the jumps on Larry’s Levitation and then we cruised out to the gate and back to camp. Finished the day off with dinner at Good Friends in Valley Springs, then got home and I just crashed since I was beat.

Great Weekend, we accomplished a lot and got a little bit of riding in. I made some new friends and hung out with some old friends. Thanks, Rod, Rob, Gary, Karen, Becky, Brian, Jeff, Ralph, Liz, Vivian, Erin, and most of all thanks Fiona for a great weekend (and an awesome cobbler).