Lake Hogan Trail Work

March 24-26th we have the group campsite at Lake Hogan (Directions) reserved so we can do some trailwork up there. Char and I are staying up there all weekend, you can camp (free) if you want. We will be doing trail work on Saturday and Sunday for about 4-5 hours each day and riding for a few hours each afternoon. If you haven’t ridden at Hogan this is a good chance to give it a try. There are trails for all levels of riders plus we are going to be adding a mile or two of trails where there aren’t any yet.
We will have a BBQ on Saturday in the evening so BYOB and meat. We will also have an RV with a (medium sized) fridge so if you want to bring luncheon meat or something similar for lunch we can keep it cool.Here’s the tenative schedule:
5:30-6PM – Char and I will arive and open up the camp ground.

If you want to show up on Friday evening please let me know in advance.

9:30 AM – Show up at the gate to the Acorn EAST camp area, this area is normally closed

so we will probably have to man the gates. If you show up after 10AM and the
gate is closed park in the day use parking and ride over to the trailhead.

10:00 AM – Head out to the trails. I figure most likely Saturday we will focus on clearing

brush from the edges of the trails.

12:30 PM – Break for lunch, we can either cook sausage or order Pizza??
1:00 PM – Finish up lunch and return to trailwork.
3:00 PM – Wrap up trailwork, get ready for afternoon ride.
3:30 PM – Ride and enjoy trails.
- More riding BBQ, Wrap up, head home\u003d1591258&postcount\u003d19\n Nothing is set in stone, I\'m just throwing times and items out there as a rough idea to work from for now.

",1] ); //-->6:30-7:00 PM - BBQ + beer, Bike Sumo?

8:00 AM - Char and I will prepare Pancakes and eggs for Breakfast
9:00 AM - Hit the trails. We will most likely work on clearing grass from the far end of the

trails to lengthen the trail. Plus brush clearing and ??? whatever we decide needs
work after the previous days ride.

1:30 PM - Break for lunch...
2:30 PM - More riding

BBQ, Wrap up, head home

Nothing is set in stone, I'm just throwing times and items out there as a rough idea to work from for now.