Performance, Downtime, etc UPDATED!

Well my web host’s performance has been quite disappointing lately and I’ve gotten quite frustrated with it so I decided this last time the host just slowed to a crawl for a day solid to just switch web hosts. We’ll see how this one works out. Right now I’m still working the kinks out of the new webhost so please bear with a few bumps and bugs. If you notice any problems please use the contact form or email me at mtbogre -at- gmail.

Update 4/14: D’oh! So my Contact Form was one of the things that was down. Turns out I thought I had most of my site back online I still have a long ways to go. Thanks for being patient! The Contact Form is now working so please accept my apologies. Still broken is my newer image galleries/ ride report along with the Trail Map. If you find anything else let me know.