A Little Bit Insane

I had an appointment scheduled to have my staples removed on Friday but my doctor’s office was CLOSED how lame is that? So by Sunday my staples were driving me NUTS so I did what any slightly insane person with reasonable pain tolerances would do…. I pulled them out.

I don’t recommend you do this yourself, but I boiled some wire snips and some forceps over the stove then proceeded to pull them out one by one. The staples curved in a bit so I had to snip the top then pull the staples up then sideways. Overall it took about 30-45 minutes and was not particularly painful. No gushing blood, and the leg feels much much better now that they are out. The gory pictures.

I am also now completely free of pain meds which is good news. My sleep is a little off now because my body is expecting that little extra helper for snoozing but overall the pain is manageable and I’m liking the pill free lifestyle.

Physical Therapy (finally) starts tomorrow. I’m doing out-patient PT at a clinic, hopefully they will be at least a little familiar with cycling and physically active people.

4 thoughts on “A Little Bit Insane”

  1. You’re friggen CRAZY! Man, Oggie, can’t I leave you home alone for just a little bit?

  2. Cool. I pulled the stitches out of my knee myself. It was awesome! Way more fun to do it yourself. Almost as fun as picking scabs. You guys coming to my pump track party?

  3. Just saw this, get well soon! Lots of newer trails around Bear Valley to ride. Take Care Jeff

  4. Dude! I had 38 of those in my back when I had surgery in 2006. Not fun. I waited for the doc to pull them out. He took longer than you (seemed that way)! It was 2 years before I felt good. Now I can’t stay off my bike. Get well soon.

    Gary Raley
    Turlock, CA

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