Auburn SRA/ Mamoth Bar Fire

A 525 acre fire started in the Mamoth Bar area in the Auburn SRA. I haven’t seen the damage but it appears it was mostly contained on the south side of the ridge, primarily burning the OHV area. It appears that most of the Auburn trails are unscathed but I haven’t heard from anyone who has ridden in there yet. The Fire fighting effort was staged in a large part near Grizley house which is the primary Forest Hill Divide trailhead so it’s entirely likely that some of the beginning sections of the FHDL are damaged by bulldozer and perhaps backfires.

KCRA has some pretty decent video footage of the fire and thread on MTBR where a few of the locals have seen the damage a lot more first hand than I have.

Looks like it’s going to be another rough fire year for Norcal.