Something About (Magic) Mary

Spent the morning riding at lake Hogan with Finch and testing out Schwalbe’s new Magic Mary wheels on my singlespeed. I’m super impressed with the combination of these big super grippy tires on the wide (30mm inside diameter) rims I got from Light Bicycles. The Mary in the front gave me the confidence to roll a couple steep drops I usually bypass and overall traction was just amazing. By comparison, the Nobby Nic in the back which usually has decent traction felt almost sloppy and was sliding on terrain the Mary handled quite well. This is exactly the sort of front/ rear setup I like, where the rear tire breaks loose well before the front. The Mary’s grip was just so good I felt it more than I ever have in the past.

The super wide rims and big grippy tires gave me the confidence to run at much lower pressure than I usually run which is I’m certain a big part of why they were so effective. These are great tires, particularly when paired with wide rims.

(Some photos don’t include the Marys)