California is Going to Burn

A few years ago Northern California had one the largest, most destructive wildfires ever. Last year we had 2 slightly smaller but devastating fires. In the next few years we’re going to see far worse.

I don’t usually make predictions like that, but at this point it seems impossible to avoid. What makes me so confident? Look at the trees in the Sierra. I took these photos along highway 108 just a few miles north of where the massive Yosemite fire ended. This isn’t a few isolated copses of trees, by the time I pulled over to snap these pictures, I’d driven past 20 or more miles of dead and dying trees all along the highway 108 corridor.

There are millions of giant dead redwoods in the Stanislaus National forest alone, just waiting for a spark to set them off If thing are this bad in late spring in what was supposed to be a heavy rain/ El Niño year, this summer is going to have some devastating fires. And in July or August after months more drying out when the temperature is in the 90s we’re going to see a firestorm like no other.

Maybe not this year, but this year is going to be bad and sometime in the next few years the Sierra is going to get very very bad. California is going to burn.