There are still Flowers at Red Hills (But it’s HOT!)

We did a morning ride at Red Hills this morning to avoid the heat, but it didn’t really work, we got to Red Hills around 9:30 and it was already 85 degrees out. Surprisingly, there were still a lot of flowers in bloom out there though and they were spectacular in a semi-desert sort of way.

The color and variety were striking, my favorite were the abundant purple flowers on the north side of the park, but there were plenty of indian paintbrush, a lot of small white flowers, poppies, and several other yellow varieties.

Our ride kept us on some of the skinnier trails on the very north end of the trail system and included the stretch of singletrack along the east end of Serpentine Loop which is my favorite downhill on the north side of Red Hills. Lots of flow with plenty of chunky technical sections mixed in. Since it was so hot, we used the road climb instead of the brutally steep Red Hills Trail. Considering how blown up Gary was I guess that’s a good thing.

Great time had by all!