Add the OTT to your Bucket List

Took advantage of a lay-off with generous severance to get a lot of work done on the house. A couple weeks ago I finally buckled down and started job hunting and landed a spot at a local shop. So asked for a delayed start date and took advantage of the time to get a summer’s worth of riding crammed into 9 days.

Last weekend I did the Oregon 24 with some friends then spent the rest of the week doing a well supported ride on the first 80 miles of the Oregon Timber Trail. Then I finished off this weekend with MBO. All of the past 10 days has been fantastic, but the Oregon Timber Trail ride is a notch up.

We started about 10 miles from the California border, with a mosquito infested climb up to Crane Mountain where we connected to the OTT. Going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Check the Oregon Timber Trail site for route details. We rode A big chunk of the Fremont Tier from Crane Mountain to just outside Paisley.