It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green

It’s been a really long haul, but we’re finally at a place where some bits are starting to feel close to “finished”. We just finished texturing the master bedroom and attacked it with the first layer of paint. Of course we didn’t go with a nice sedate canvas or beige, we painted it really bright green because neither of us like bland. We need to get some trim pieces and we have a really awesome idea for the top of the wall so stay tuned.

On top of the bedroom, we also got the inside and outside of the area around the front door mostly finished, the inside still needs some kind of trim. But it’s starting to come together nicely.

The kitchen wall is coming together as well, we still need to get a finish coat and there are big holes where the cabinets are going to be, but you can start to see what the final will look like.

I’m pretty proud of the kitchen island, the curves came out nicely and the laminate top should serve nicely until we can afford to drop a nice solid surface counter replacement. The sink and faucet we picked up on Craigslist for dirt cheap.

Dishwasher is here just not installed, the rest of the cabinets and appliances are going to have to wait until spring when we have a bit more cash for another big expense.

The full shot of the bedroom wall with Fiona painting the lighter accent color on the bathroom wall.

It’s a bit crazy how long this is taking, but when you can only put in a few hours a day and aren’t willing to give up on the things you enjoy in life (like mountain biking), progress can be slow.