With this heat I’m not going outside much so since I’ve been stranded around the house I’ve been doing a little hacking on the web site.

Well I just finished what I think is a really cool new page for the site. It is a clickable, dragable, satellite photo enabled map with all the trails in the Auburn/ Folsom Lake area listed on it with links to trail reviews for each trail. I am hoping that this is just the beginning. I would really like to build a database with all of the trails in Norcal and link the database to the map. You should really check it out, I impressed myself this time :)

I also created an RSS feed for the front page stories on this site. There are a variety of ways RSS feeds are used but the primary way I use them is to create Live Bookmarks in my browser. You can also use a news agregator to allows give you a sort of birds eye view of all the sites you use. Lastly RSS allows sites to syndicate each others content to some extent. Still confused? Well fortunately I didn’t spend too much time on it and it doesn’t affect anything else on the site so don’t worry about it.

Web Site issues

Apparently my site has been attacked and many of my pages were wiped out. I am working on getting a backup restored and getting the affected pages rebuilt but in the mean time bear with me. Most of the pictures are intact but the text content was wiped out.