Lyons Lake

A simple trip with the family, we took Liz and Sylvia up to Lyon’s Lake for a short warm up ride before our Washington Vacation. Not many pictures, but it’s a ride report. It’s not that I haven’t been riding, I have been riding a lot, it’s that I’ve been lazy.
On top of this I rode two great new trails in the Sonora area, Pinball and Hammil Canyon to Pinecrest Peak Downhill. I didn’t bring my camera so the links point to pictures which George da trog took (trogs).
Over the next couple of weeks I will be riding the “Iron Horse Trail” in Washington. In case you can’t guess from the name it’s a Rails-to-Trails type trail so it’s not very technical but it does have some cool factors.
In the first place the trail is 110 miles long. I hope to ride 50 miles with the kids but we shall see how that works. There are some railroad trestles, and several tunnels including the Snoqualamie Tunnel which is 2.3 miles long !! That’s 30 minutes plus of underground fun. We are bringing the lights for the bikes.
We are also certain to hit a lot of the touristy type places along the way so expect some of those sort of pictures as well.