Rides and stuff

Well I’ve been offline for a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been riding, in fact I’ve tracked down a few new places which I’ve never ridden before. I’ve written about Pinball but I didn’t take any pictures or do a proper ride report. It’s a great, rugged trail in the Sierra’s near Lyons Lake and Twain Hart. There are a lot of trails in that area including some great trails off of the railroad grade. Read the Pinball Ride Report Here.

Another place which I’ve been recently is _Dodge Ridge_, yes it’s the ski resort. You park in the parking lot and climb up to the top of the lifts and then it takes you around the backside of the hill very close to the emegrant gap Wilderness area. There are some great downhills and rolling singletrack but the trail is a mess right now due to tons of dust. I think early spring is the time to hit this place. I’ll have a Ride Report for Dodge Ridge up soon.

Lastly, we made our annual exodos to Northstar. Kevin gets passes to Mountain Bike at Northstar due to the massive amount of skiing he does there. Kevin, Todd, and I went there and spent about 5 hours getting beaten up on the slopes. The pictures and ride report are from last year. Northstar seems to be really focused on attracting mountain bike traffic. They have great trails, a trials/ stunt area, and now they have a trail with long skinny bridges and ramps like you see in North Shore.