Summer Rides

I just got an email and I thought it was an excellent question so I figured I would put it up here to share.

>Mr. Ogre, (I actually prefer just Ogre or Dennis)
> Great site! I love your trails descriptions… I was wondering if you could recommend your favorite summer trails.. I live in downtown sacramento and Salmon Falls, Granite Bay and Auburn are getting waaay too hot to ride this time of year.
> Can you recommend a cooler summer trail, temperature-wise? I don’t mind making a long drive.
> Also, what trails are the best to see some Redwoods?
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks!
> – Chris

Chris, you should head towards the coast, look on my website under North Bay or South Bay (East Bay is still pretty warm). Annadel is a great place to ride and has lots of shade. A lot of people really like China Camp, I don’t have a ride report but it’s a fun place to ride if you stick to the singletrack. Skyline Park is also a bit cooler than it is in the Central Valley. Since you want to see some redwoods, consider heading to Skeggs Point (AKA El Corte de Madera/ ECdM) or the Saratoga Gap Trail, or any of the South Bay Rides

In the other direction is the Sierras, Sly Park offers some good riding and there are tons of rides in the Lake Tahoe Area (I don’t have many Tahoe rides on my site but there are plenty out there). One trail in the Sierras that I really enjoy is Elicott’s Crossing, which takes you along the Rubicon River near Georgetown. Another great place to look is which has lots of Nevada City Area rides. I haven’t been able to explore that area much but it should be cooler than the Auburn Ravine.

Hope that gives you a few summertime options.

— Ogre