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Auburn Everything Ride - Doing it all in Auburn. We did a ride in Auburn which included almost all of the major trails, starting at the Russell Road Trailhead and hitting all of the good singletrack on the West side of the ravine, crossing the bridge, riding the connector trail out to Foresthill Divide, and coming back via the Culvert trail and returning up Stagecoach.

Aerial Photos - Auburn Ravine - This is a series of pictures I took on a flight with a Terry, a good friend of mine from CVALE our local Linux users group.

Clementine Loop (Culvert Loop) - A great downhill ride with many fun technical sections, a cool tunnel (culvert), and it's located near an awesome bridge. Combine this trail with Stagecoach or Foresthill Divide to form an awesome 15+ mile ride.

Clementine to Foresthill - This is a great double loop which includes the Clementine Loop, The Connector Trail, and Foresthill Divide. The total ride is about 25 miles and it includes some great rolling singletrack, some spectacular views, a good amount of climbing (something like 3000'), and the really fun Culvert - Confluence downhill. If you have the endurance this is probably the best 25 miles of trails in the Folsom/ Auburn Area.

Olmstead Loop (Cool) - A nice 9 mile intermediate doubletrack loop with some moderately technical sections and several moderate climbs.

Folsom Lake - Epic - There are a lot of trails around Folsom Lake... this ride covered almost all of them. This 50 mile monster ride was my longest effort to date, with the assistance of a boat we did a lap that included almost all of the singletrack surrounding Folsom Lake.

Foresthill Divide - Foresthill Divide is a great loop trail in the Auburn area. It's not as technically challenging as many trails in this area but it has some fun fast sections and plenty of climbing. A nice long ride for intermediate riders.

Granite Bay - Located on the North Shore of Folsom Lake Granite Bay is a nice place for beginning riders and kids to get some fun singletrack riding in. The trails are smooth and there is very little extended climbing and no steep climbs.

Lake Natomas - East of Sacramento near Folsom you can find a bunch of fairly easy mountain biking trails on both sides of Lake Natomas.

Latrobe Loop - A ride along some country roads with a few moderate climbs and creek crossings near Rancho Murieta.

Rubicon! (Ellicot's Crossing) - A quiet, low traffic trail near Georgetown along the Rubicon River with great singletrack and excellent views.

Salmon Falls - Right outside of El Dorado Hills starting from Salmon Falls bridge is Salmon Falls trail (AKA Darlington Trail). Most of the trail is suitable for beginning riders but one of the best singetrack downhills in the Sacramento area is hidden at the top of Flagstaff Hill.

Stagecoach (w/ Manzanita) - We generally park at the Stagecoach trailhead, ride Manzanita and down Stagecoach, cut across the river to ride the Clementine Loop and then ride back up Stagecoach to the car. Stagecoach makes a good addition to Clementine Loop but is probably not worth riding alone.

Sweetwater Trail - Just North of El Dorado Hills on Salmon Falls road you can find this short but Sweet section of singletrack. It's pretty flat so it's great for beginning riders, more advanced riders can combine it with Salmon Falls trail to form a longer ride.