I changed the theme to a more modern/ iPhone friendly theme for the site. In addition to changing the theme, I’ve cleaned up a lot of broken links and just general cruft. Things are still under construction so expect to see more changes and a bit more active posting as I’ve been riding more lately.

Hmm… much neglected

Sonora to Mt Elizabeth

Wow… I’ve let things slide again.

Things are a little crazy right now, my company lost the contract I was working on and they didn’t have any similar jobs where I live so right now I am officially unemployed. Severance package is decent so we’re doing ok financially but unfortunately it means I have to look for work. If anyone is looking for a DBA with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL experience in an enterprise point them my way.

Since I have a bit of time on my hands I’ve been trying to get in some training on the bike. The trails are pretty gooped up so I’ve been grabbing some road riding between the rain showers (sometimes in the rain) and doing some longer fire road rides with little bits of singletrack. The photo linked here is from a ride I did this weekend near Sonora, lots of steep climbing (5800′ over 25 miles) and about 10 miles of riding flumes at 12-15+ mph trying to keep up with some fast riders. Here is the Motion Based rundown on the ride. Click on the picture to the right for the photo log. Quite an interesting ride overall, Jeff cracked his frame then wrangled a spare and finished the ride. Aaron got crossed up in the snow and took a swim in the flume.

Performance, Downtime, etc UPDATED!

Well my web host’s performance has been quite disappointing lately and I’ve gotten quite frustrated with it so I decided this last time the host just slowed to a crawl for a day solid to just switch web hosts. We’ll see how this one works out. Right now I’m still working the kinks out of the new webhost so please bear with a few bumps and bugs. If you notice any problems please use the contact form or email me at mtbogre -at- gmail.

Update 4/14: D’oh! So my Contact Form was one of the things that was down. Turns out I thought I had most of my site back online I still have a long ways to go. Thanks for being patient! The Contact Form is now working so please accept my apologies. Still broken is my newer image galleries/ ride report along with the Trail Map. If you find anything else let me know.

Grrr… Wayback machine.


What lousy timing. Well I restored most of the older stuff, I’m working on getting the rest online.

It looks like I restored most of the articles ok,  probably a little weirdness in them but not too bad.  I lost some comments on the articles, I’m working on getting those back up.

PHP Contact Form Script

For some odd reason my “Contact Me” form disappeared from the Ogrehut’s web server. It was a cut and paste form and was pretty ugly but it worked. I use a contact form rather than a mailto: link because spammers glom onto mailto: links on websites. A contact form allows people to contact me while keeping me secure from spammers so I needed to replace the form.

So the quest for a replacement begins… Continue reading PHP Contact Form Script

New Front Page

I am now using WordPress for my main page. I’ve used a homegrown tool for my frontpage since the dawn of the Hut. I’m switching to WordPress because it simply has too many features which would take me too long to implement. I’m trying to bring forward all of my existing work into the new format so it will be easily accessible. Hopefully, the new features wordpress gives me will allow me to post more often and share a bit more.

Please use the Comments field below to let me know what you think.

Web Developer For Rent

It’s been a little bit since I last posted, I haven’t been idle. For starters I made some significant changes to the Trailhead Map Page. Those changes have been in place for a while but you might not have noticed there is now a “Link to this View” link on the top of the page which you can use to save the current page, including the exact map zoom and location. On top of that, what you probably didn’t notice is that my web site has move to yet another new home. The last one host was getting a bit sluggish and this one offered more space and better performance.

I’ve also been quite busy at work and I’ve picked up a lot about Oracle. In fact it was a real “Crash Course” in the most literal sense, the server crashed and I had to learn fast or die. The other thing I’ve been learning quite a bit about at work is more advanced web site techniques. I’m pretty jazzed about some of the things I’ve picked up lately and just hope I have the time to put some of them into action. The sort of thing you see on the map page is just the tip of the iceberg.

Additionally I would like to start doing independant web development. This site showcases some of the things I’m capable of but there is so much more. What I really specialize in is database driven applications and interfaces to outside applications. If you are looking for a web developer for a project or if you know someone who is looking for one, drop me a line.

The Map Revisited

Rev 2 of my Trailhead Map is mostly ready. I actually crashed version 1 and don’t feel like fixing it because this version was so close to being ready. So what you get is almost all of the features I’d intended but I don’t have the database built completely yet. However even at this point I think it is pretty unique and cool. Currently the map includes the Folsom/ Auburn Area trails like the old one did plus a few others. I have a database backend on it now so I can add trails to it very quickly so I expect it will grow very quickly.

While working on this I’ve realized that my site has really started to become quite large and cumbersome at it is quite a chore trying to keep everything up to date. Also at one point in time I lost quite a bit of content and I need to rebuild it but time is just slipping by.

If anyone would like to help me add locations to the trailhead map please Contact Me! and I would love to set you up. Incidentally for those who have used my contact me link on the site and found it broken it is now a web form. You can email me at ogre -at ogrehut -dot- com or just use the form (which emails me).